Drying chamber after surface preparation

Drying chamber after surface preparation

The drying chamber is necessary for the rapid evaporation of moisture from the metal surface after chemical treatment before painting.


Before applying powder paint, the painted surface must be treated in a drying chamber. This is necessary for the rapid evaporation of moisture from the product. Drying is carried out after degreasing. This is the last step in preparing the product before powder coating.

The chamber is heated to 120-150 ° C. The product is kept for 5-15 minutes. Drying temperature and time are determined based on the material of the product and the properties of its preparation for painting.

The chamber is heated using the convection method, heat is transferred by the air passing through the air ducts.

The intensive circulation creates an even flow of hot air inside the dryer. It quickly heats up and completely dries metal products.

The drying chamber has a heating element and a fan, which is located on the top of the chamber. It also removes the vapors that are generated in the process.

The dryer has good thermal insulation, which protects against heat loss. Warming is provided with basalt wool. There are air curtains at the inlet and outlet that trap heat.


The furnace body consists of sandwich panels that are inserted into each other.

The insulation of the furnace body is made of stone wool, 150 mm thick.

The panels are inserted into each other and glued together with a heat-resistant sealant.

The heating temperature is from 120 ° C to 150 ° C, and the holding time of the product in the middle of drying is from 5 to 15 minutes.

The inner shell of the furnace and all air ducts are made of galvanized metal.

To remove the vapors generated during the drying of products, an exhaust fan is installed at the top of the furnace, operating in both forced and automatic modes.

Камера сушки после подготовки поверхности

Heat exchanger:

The heat exchanger is capable of raising the temperature in the drying oven from 0 to 150 ºC.

The combustion chamber is made of stainless steel.

Thermal insulation of the thermoblock consists of basalt wool 150 mm thick.

The drying oven is designed for the final drying of metal products after surface preparation, before painting.

Furnace temperature control and exhaust fan control:

– the temperature is controlled by a digital temperature sensor, where the necessary parameters are set (temperature, holding time and delta temperatures);
– the operating mode of the exhaust fans is controlled and monitored automatically.

Air curtains:

The inlet and outlet of the furnace are equipped with air curtains to avoid the loss of hot air from the furnace. Each of them blows the required air using 2.2 kW fans and prevents the loss of hot air from the oven. All air ducts inside the oven are made of 1 mm thick galvanized metal.


– high speed of reaching the “working” temperature in parallel with a decrease in the power of electric heaters;
– the combustion chamber is made of stainless steel;
– “soft” heating of parts – without direct contact with the radiator;
– large volumes of dried parts;
– due to the high-quality fan – low noise threshold during operation;
– low cost of service;
– the ability to control air flows and operating temperature.

Камера для сушки порошковой краски


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Drying chamber after surface preparation
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Drying chamber after surface preparation
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