The most important stage in painting products is preliminary surface preparation.

Principle of operation:

Surface preparation is designed to remove oil contaminants, preservative coatings by immersion or blasting with degreasing, detergent and phosphating solutions.

Let’s make a review a surface blasting system using our client’s example:

Aerosol surface preparation line (2 sections) – tunnel


Baths are welded in AISI 304 stainless steel, AISI 316 or Simona plastic. Our specialists have designed the volume of the baths in a way to prevent rapid contamination of the chemical solution inside. The baths are equipped with a system for cleaning and draining through the overflow channels of the surface layers of oil, sludge, or other contaminants. An integral part of the baths are filters. They are located in the way to be easily dismantled and cleaned. In all tanks, filters are arranged in two rows. They prevent rapid contamination of the circulating solution and therefore provide more reliable processing.

Tunnel design

The tunnel frame consists of panels made of stainless steel AISI 304, AISI 316, 1.5 mm Simona plastic. For preventing mixing of chemical solutions from sprayers of different baths there are partitions in the tunnel.

Intermediate openings

There are special intermediate openings for using after each stage of surface preparation reused chemical solutions sprayed onto the products during washing.

The floor in the intermediate sections is inclined towards the baths they belong to.

Inspection doors

Inside the tunnel, sealed, heat and chemical resistant lamps are installed. To ensure the possibility of the operator’s passage inside the tunnel for maintenance and operational intervention, sealed inspection doors and technological staircases are installed in the provided places.


The solution is supplied using vertical feed pumps, representing a pump section as part of a pump electric motor and a pressure control system.

Cascading system

To keep the water consumption and chemicals to a minimum a controlled water transfer system is installed between the baths it minimizes consumption of water for rinsing.

Spray system

The liquid with chemicals sucked in from the baths supplied by centrifugal pumps to the sprayer nozzles of 1.5 bar. All manifolds, connection and spray pipes are made of resistant pipes. In addition, the spray circuits are individually designed and can be easily disassembled and cleaned. The nozzle head is rotatable, the spray direction is adjustable.

Air blowing

An air shower (exhaust fan, 4 kW) is installed at the exit from the tunnel. The air from the environment is filtered and by blowing the parts, it helps the drops roll off the surface.

Powder coating equipment cost:

  1. Washing (by spraying, for 3 baths) – from 35,000.00 euros
  2. Drying (from 15 meters) – from 15,000.00 euros
  3. Polymerization ovens (from 25 meters) – from 28,000.00 euros
  4. Spraying chambers (plastic) – from 25,000.00 euros
  5. Spraying chambers (stainless steel) – from 17,000.00 euros
  6. Conveyor (about 100 running meters) – from 25,000.00 euros

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