Polymerization oven PPL 3

The frame part is made of sheet metal with a thickness of 1.2-1.5 mm, the inner lining is made of galvanized steel, the outer elements are powder coated.


  • length: 6.600 mm;
  • height: 2.950 mm;
  • width: 2.300 mm.

Maximum dimensions of products for painting:

  • length: 6.300 mm;
  • height: 2.000 mm;
  • width: 1.700 mm.

Heating type – incandescent quartz infrared lamp 230 V-1.0 kW. The lamps are connected in parallel with each other, 6-8 pieces in one lamp block. If one or more lamps fail, the rest one’s will complete the baking mode. Serviceability of the lamps is checked visually when opening the doors.

  • 6-8 kW lamp block (6-8 lamps): 12 pcs;
  • total power: 96 kW;
  • automatic control panel: 1 piece

The control panel provides configurations for:

  • heating temperature from 20-250°C;
  • baking time from 0-30 minutes;
  • delta temperature difference from 0-10°C.

Oven temperature control – 1 pc.

оборудование smart line

Chamber for applying paint two posts (KM-2)


  • length: 3.500 mm;
  • height: 3.200 mm;
  • width: 2.350 mm.

The body parts are made of sheet metal 1.2 – 1.5 mm, powder coated.

The set included:

  • filter 32×60: 6 pcs;
  • solenoid valve: 6 pcs;
  • LED flashlight (12W): 4 pcs;
  • fan with a 4.0 kW motor: 2 pcs;
  • control panel: 2 pcs.

Terms of implementation – 45 working days since approval of the technical task. The term of installation and launch of the line is 10 working days, with necessary conditions provided by the Customer.

оборудование smart line

оборудование smart line

оборудование smart line

оборудование smart line

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