The equipment (polymerization oven) was installed for the client

Polymerization oven

The polymerization oven (thermoblock) is box type.

The frame part is made of sheet metal 1.2-1.5 mm thick, the inner lining is made of galvanized steel, the outer elements are powder coated.

Heating type – shades (ribbed) of 2.0 kW, mounted in a separate thermoblock with convection. Heat is distributed from the thermoblock throughout the entire volume of the oven by ventilation ducts.

The control panel provides the ability to configure the following parameters:

  • heating temperature from 20-250 ℃;
  • baking time from 0-30 minutes
  • delta temperature difference from 0-10 ℃.

Power from 48 to 60 kW, cable cross-sections (copper 35 squares, aluminum 50 squares).


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