Before applying powder paint, the painted surface must be treated in a drying chamber. This is necessary for the rapid evaporation of moisture from the product. Drying is held after degreasing. This is the last step in the product preparation to the powder coating.

Energy sources for the drying chamber: diesel fuel, electricity or natural gas.

Drying process

The chamber is heated to 120-150°C. The product is kept for 5-15 minutes. The determination of drying temperature and time are based on the material of the product and the properties of its preparation for painting.

The chamber is heated using the convection method, heat is transmitted by air passing through the ducts.

The intensive circulation creates an even flow of hot air inside the dryer. It heats up quickly  and dries metal products completely.

The drying chamber has a heating element and a fan, which is located on the top of the chamber. It also removes the vapors  generated during the process.

The dryer has good thermal insulation that protects against heat loss. Warming is provided with basalt wool. There are air curtains that trap the heat at the inlet and outlet.

The inner lining of the oven and air ducts are made of galvanized metal. Its structure consists of sandwich panels that are inserted into each other and glued together with a sealant. This makes it easy to assemble the stove on site.

You can purchase our drying chamber after degreasing!

The advantages of the drying chambers that we produce:

  • High speed of reaching “working” temperature with decreasing the power of electric heaters;
  • The combustion chamber is made of stainless steel;
  • “Soft” heating of parts – without direct contact with the radiator;
  • Large volumes of parts to be dried;
  • Due to the high-quality fan – low noise threshold during operation;
  • Low maintenance cost;
  • The ability to control air flow and operating temperature.

There are cameras designed to work on automatic lines. And also cameras suitable for manual application. Dimensions and performance are selected in accordance with the individual production needs..

If you have any questions, just contact our managers, in any convenient way for you – our contacts.


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