Spraying chamber

Spraying chamber

Powder paint is applied under stationary conditions, in special spraying chambers. The spraying chamber consists of the working chamber itself, a filter unit and a control panel.


During the application of powder paint, approximately 80% of the paint settles on the product to be painted, the rest (20%) is drawn out of the air by a fan and settles on the filters.

Further, after the painting process or in intermediate stages, the deposited paint on the filters is knocked down by a pneumatic blow of air. This paint falls down on a vibrating sieve, which is located under the filters. There is an automatic sifting of the paint: particles of more than 10 microns are retained on the sieve without passing to subsequent use.

The powder collected from the filters can be recovered – used again, but after re-sifting and mixing with fresh paint.

This minimizes paint loss.

камера напыления порошковой краски
камера напыления порошковой краски


The body parts are made of sheet metal 1.2 – 1.5 mm, powder coated, the tray on the corner panel is made of AISI 430 stainless steel 1.2 mm.

Openings are provided on both sides of the chamber for installing equipment for both manual and automatic coating. Lamps illuminate the interior of the cabin.

Externally, the chamber can be made of black metal painted with powder paint, galvanized or plastic.

Lighting: fluorescent lamps

Supply voltage: 380 V (5.5 kW)

Fan capacity: 7500 m3 / h

Frequency: 50 Hz

The degree of air purification (which is returned to the workshop) from powder: 99.8%

Duct diameter: 300/400 mm

камеры напыления порошковой краски


Powder coating chambers can be:

— dead-end and checkpoints;

— with cyclone and filters;

— one- and two-post.

Examples of painting products in a spray booth
on an automatic powder line


Dead-end chambers are needed in order to paint products in small-scale production. Or in a large production, if there are parts that need to be painted separately. As a rule, manual powder spraying takes place in such chambers. They have only one hole through which you can load / unload products and paint them through it.

Pass-through cameras are installed on automatic powder coating lines. As a rule, they are already taken for large-scale production.

Automatic installations provide high-quality coloring of products of even the most complex shape with many angles and bends. Such chambers are equipped with several openings for loading and unloading products along the conveyor. They also have openings for painting.

A painter can work through them, painting independently. Or an automatic spray installation is installed there. Automatic spray guns can move, depending on the settings, and thus cover the entire surface.

Pass-through chambers are very convenient when you need to paint a product from both sides at the same time. In order to configure and fully control the operation of the device, a special control unit is provided. It also has a button that allows the painter to stop the device in an emergency.


Spraying chamber with cyclone

The cyclone is positioned in such a way that the powder can be recovered in a turbulent manner.

The heavy part of the paint is sucked in by the cyclone, while a smaller amount of the light part enters the filtration cabin, where it is separated from the air using a filter system, and then falls into a sump located at the base of the cabin. The collector is equipped with wheels for easy rolling.

Powder paint collected in the hopper from under the filters is automatically fed to the main tank.

Камера напыления с циклоном
Камера напыления с циклоном
Камера напыления с циклоном
Камера напыления с циклоном

How the cyclone works

The principle of operation of the cyclone is that air with powder particles swirls inside the device. Thus, centrifugal force is created, which separates the paint from the air. It works like this: air at high speed enters the top of the cyclone, swirls and descends. The powder settles at the bottom of the device, and from there it is sent to a special container.

The cyclone itself is a separator, not a filter. This means that it needs additional filtration of the air flow that returns to the room. Final filters will ensure that the cleanest possible air enters the chamber.

The cyclones are connected to the spray booth by a pipeline. Their effectiveness depends on the diameter of the body, the size of the inlet / outlet and the height of the device. They can remove up to 98% of the ink. Cyclones are best suited for frequent color changes.

Камера напыления с циклоном

Spraying chamber on filters

There are 2 types of spraying chambers on filters: one-station and two-station.

An exhaust fan is installed on the cabin filter group, and a special filter block is provided at the outlet of the exhaust fan.

The spray chamber filter is used to clean the air from fine particles of powder paint that appear during the painting process. The filter consists of corrugated cellulose paper with a special mesh.

The scheme of the filter for the deposition chamber:

1. During painting of products from the spray booth, air enters a special block with cleaning filters. Then the air passes through the cartridges, where the paint is retained on their outer side.

2. The cleaned compressed air enters the purge pipes through the solenoid valves.

3. Already when cleaning the filters after painting, the paint that has settled on the filter surface is shaken off (regeneration of dusty cartridges with a pulse of compressed air), crumbled into the hopper and disposed of.

It is worth noting that with prolonged use of filters without cleaning, the layer of deposited paint constantly increases, which significantly reduces the filter’s throughput and increases the resistance to air movement.

Фильтр для камеры напыления


Однопостовая камера напыления

One-station spraying chamber

This type of camera is intended for applying powder paint to products by 1m worker. The single-station spraying chamber is suitable for small-scale production.

The chamber consists of:

– a working chamber in which the products are painted;

– camera control panel and filter unit.

Thanks to the side openings, products are loaded and unloaded.

Powder coating is done through the front of the booth with a spray gun.

Однопостовая камера напыления
Однопостовая камера напыления
Однопостовая камера напыления

Two-station spraying chamber

This type of camera allows for the painting process from two workstations (posts). A two-station camera allows you to paint simultaneously on both sides of the product, thereby speeding up the production process itself.

The chamber consists of:

– two chambers for powder coating,

– two control panels and filter units in each.

Двухпостовая камера напыления
Двухпостовая камера напыления
Двухпостовая камера напыления
Двухпостовая камера напыления


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Spraying chamber
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Spraying chamber
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