Cyclonic spraying chamber

Cyclonic spraying chamber


The cyclone spray chamber is designed for automatic and manual powder coating in an electrostatic field.


There are openings on both sides of the chamber for installing both –  manual and automatic coating equipment. Inside lamps illuminate the interior of the chamber.

Externally, the chamber can be made of black metal painted with powder paint, galvanized or plastic.

It requires:

  • lighting;
  • transportation elements;
  • control panel.

The cyclone is laid so that the powder can be recuperated in a turbulent manner.

The heavy part of the paint is sucked in by the cyclone, while the light part goes to  the filtration cabin, where it is separated from the air by means of a filter system, and then falls into a sump located at the bottom of the cabin.

The collector is equipped with casters for facilitating roll.

Powder paint collected in the hopper from under the filters is automatically fed to the main tank.

Additional information

Supply voltage

380V (5.5KW)

Fan performance

7500 m3 / hour


50 Hz

The degree of air purification (which is returned to the workshop) from powder

99, 8%

Air duct diameter

300/400 mm


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